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The Office of The Ombudsman was established in 1989 by The Ombudsman Ordinance (“the Ordinance”), Cap 397 of the Laws of Hong Kong, as the city’s independent watchdog of public administration. The Ombudsman has powers to: investigate complaints from

How to Lodge a Complaint Lodging a Complaint You must provide your name and postal address regardless of the means of lodging complaints. Please note that this Office is proscribed by law to handle complaints against private or commercial organisations (e.g

Regardless of your nationality or whether you are a Hong Kong permanent resident, you may lodge a complaint to this Office if you are dissatisfied with any maladministration by Government departments and the public organisations under The Ombudsman’s

Hong Kong Airport Authority’s mechanism for issuing Airport Restricted Area Permits Pdf Version N/A 2016/2017 arrow March 2017 Housing Department’s Mechanism for Taking Follow-up Action against Unauthorised Alterations by Public Housing Tenants

The Office of Ombudsman, is a statutory authorities established under the Ombudsman Ordinance set up in 1989. Its vision is to ensure Hong Kong is served by a fair and efficient public administration which is committed to accountable, openness and quality of services, mainly through means of investigation and giving recommendation to

Employees: 90 (March 2007) [1]

Complaint against the Government Laboratory for taking unreasonably long time in producing a toxicological examination report, and the Department of Health for failing to inform the complainant on the progress of the said report and refusing to provide the Govt

16/11/2016 · The Ombudsman will launch a direct investigation into possible inadequacies of the environmental protection, planning and conservation departments in handling illegal landfilling and fly-tipping cases on private land. The self-initiated probe by the government watchdog comes amid an

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The Ombudsman, Ms Connie Lau, held a press conference this morning (April 17) to announce the results of two direct investigations, namely “Water Supplies Department’s Maintenance of Government Water Mains and Risk Management” and “Government

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The Ombudsman The Office of The Ombudsman, Hong Kong (formerly known as The Office of The Commissioner for Administrative Complaints) was established in 1989. The Office was formally delinked from the Government after The Ombudsman (Amendment

The Ombudsman, Ms Winnie Chiu Wai-yin starts her term of five years commencing 1 April 2019. The appointment is made by the Chief Executive of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China under The Ombudsman Ordinance (Cap 397).

Selected Cases Relating to Code on Access to Information Under The Ombudsman Ordinance, The Ombudsman has a mandate to investigate matters concerning Government departments’/public organisations’ performance under the Government’s Code on

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4. The Ombudsman also reiterated her concern about the progress in implementing her Office’s recommendations on improving the freedom of access to information and public records management regime in Hong Kong. The Government has seen a

as they may be modified and/or supplemented from time to time by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region without prior notice to you. Please look up these terms for relevant details. Administration Wing of the Chief Secretary

25/10/2019 · Hong Kong’s ombudsman has ruled in favour of a complaint against the government’s refusal to disclose public feedback to its ill-fated extradition bill, slamming its “clearly improper” handling of the consultation. The Security Bureau turned down requests in March to publish nearly 4,500

5/7/2019 · Ombudsman reprimands Hong Kong government for planning blunder that led to shortage of hearing aids for children Education Bureau suspended hearing aid services for four months last year after its sole supplier was deemed not to have met requirements

7/12/2018 · Ombudsman Connie Lau Yin-hing said she would consider investigating the government’s handling of fallen trees in the aftermath of Typhoon Mangkhut. She made the comments in response to lawmakers’ requests in a Legislative Council meeting on Friday.

Organisation Chart of the Government of the HKSAR

Alphabetical Listing of Government and Related Organisations Notice: This form is NOT intended for handling enquiries or complaints. For assistance, please contact the 24-hour Helpdesk at (852) 183 5500 or email to [email protected].

20/7/2018 · The Ombudsman will launch a direct investigation into possible inadequacies of the environmental protection, planning and conservation departments in handling illegal landfilling and fly-tipping cases on private land. The self-initiated probe by the government watchdog comes amid an

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The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, commonly referred to as the Hong Kong Government or HKSAR Government, refers to the executive authorities of Hong Kong SAR. It was formed in July 1997 in accordance with the Sino-British Joint Declaration, an international treaty in force

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This is a list of government agencies of the Hong Kong Government. The policies of the government are formulated decided by the bureaux led by secretaries and permanent secretaries are discussed in the Executive Council and implemented by the departments and agencies. Each department or agency reports to one or more policy bureaux, or

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The Office of The Ombudsman, Hong Kong is an independent statutory authority, established in 1989 under the Ombudsman Ordinance, to redress grievances arising from maladministration in the public sector through independent and impartial investigations to

香港申訴專員公署 (Office of The Ombudsman, Hong Kong). 1,065 個讚好. 透過獨立、客觀及公正的調查, 摸頭 賣港?林鄭月娥述職「被摸頭」 處理及解決因公營機構行政失當而引起的不滿和問題, 向華勝黃毓民 以及提高公共行政

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Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) is an executive arm of Communications Authority in Hong Kong. It is the body responsible for telecommunications regulation (through the Regulatory Affairs Branch), antitrust enforcement (through the Competition Affairs Branch) and allocation of the radio frequency portion of the

The Planning Department was established in 1990 with a mission to make Hong Kong a better place to live and work in. We are striving to build Hong Kong into a liveable, competitive and sustainable ‘Asia World City’. | 規劃署於一九九零年成立, 學習共同體阿摩 肩負起使香港成為更

Established in the last days of British governance in Hong Kong, the Ombudsman was greeted with scepticism by the incoming regime and the public. The first part of this chapter reviews the role of the Ombudsman in such a political context, and the constraints in

22/2/2019 · Ms Chiu’s extensive experience and clear vision will enable the Office of The Ombudsman to further its important mission of improving public administration in Hong Kong, Mrs Lam added. Ms Chiu will succeed Connie Lau, whose term will end on March 31.

25/8/2018 · The post of the Ombudsman is open for applications from today. Applicants must have Hong Kong permanent residency, a good general education, at least 15 years of experience in public administration, professional practice or private sector management

22/10/2019 · The Environmental Protection Department said recommendations by the Ombudsman are coherent with its multi-pronged approach to promote electric vehicles development. The department made the statement today in response to the Ombudsman’s direct investigation report on government planning and support

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Gateway Tower 1, 25 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Published information about the Office as well a s other overseas ombudsman institutions are available for viewing.(Tel: 2629 0595) 31/F., Gateway Tower I, 25 Canton Road, Tsimshatsui

Hong Kong Correctional Services (also called Correctional Services Department, CSD, 懲教署) is responsible for prisoners and prisons in Hong Kong. The Commissioner of Correctional Services reports to the Secretary for Security. Although the Chief Magistrate (now Commissioner of Police (Hong Kong)) was given control over prisons in

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At the heart of Hong Kong’s system of government lies the principle that no one, including the Chief Executive, can do an act which would otherwise constitute a legal wrong or affect a person’s liberty unless he can point to a legal justification for that action.

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Estimates for the year ending 31 March 2019 (The Estimates have reflected the adjustments to the 2018-19 Budget as set out in paragraphs 20 to 23 of the speech by the Financial Secretary concluding the debate on the second reading of the Appropriation Bill

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